Game Progress Update #55

Game Progress Update #55

Hello World! And welcome to the fifty fifth Dev with Dave Game Progress Update!

I’ve had another couple of great weeks when it comes to working on Flappy-vaders. After the rather embarrassing cock up with the Scratch cards for the daily prizes from the last post, I’m happy to announce that the scratch cards are finally finished and working!

Finishing the scratch cards

I didn’t really have a plan for how to handle the win/lose at the end of a scratch card. I spent several hours looking into how other games and websites did the scratch cards. But sadly didn’t really find much that was helpful.

I also tried to play Dice with Buddies scratch cards, but I didn’t have time to win any of the cards, and I didn’t much fancy spending real world money just for this.

So I started playing around in Trying to create a mockup of how I imagine the win/lose screen would look and work.

A mockup of the win screen when you win a scratch card

The first mockup I created is above. It has two lines of text, it displays the fruit the player got to win the prize, and also what the prize is.

Writing some code

First off, I created some new variables in the existing scratcher type. These are to track how many panels have been scratched off already.

I also wrote a function to calculate and populate these variables.

It didn’t take too long to create the win/lose dialogue box using existing media. I had to create the back panel specifically, but it wasn’t a long job.

Next came some functions to show and hide the dialogue when required. And some bug fixing to make all the new code work smoothly.

Other Things

I also started adding Phase 2 things to the to do list on the Trello.

Phase two is basically balancing the game play and other aspects of the game, as well as adding polish. Now that I have finished the scratch cards, the only things left to finish before Phase two can begin, are the In App Purchase bits for the ad removal and buying currency.

That’s all for now.

But as always, that is all I have got time for now. I’m already over an hour and half past the deadline for this blog, so I’d best sign off and go and cook some dinner.

I’ll be back as always in two weeks, and hopefully I’ll have finished the last few cards in the In Progress column on the Trello.

Dave 🙂