Game Progress Update #87

Game Progress Update #87

Hello world! And welcome to the eighty seventh Dev with Dave game progress update!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I had a brilliant time with the best people, and perhaps more to drink than I should have done, lol. I also had a lovely time away from the computer for a week. (with the exception of doing my dailies in Fortnite every day 😅).

The weather has once again changed, after tricking us into thinking that the summer was over after the last couple of grey weeks with mid temps and occasional showers.

This week has mostly been spent complaining that I am too hot! 😂 And the app on my phone thinks it will peak today at 30°C.

So, without further ado, let me tell you what I have been up to.

IAP Bug problem

As I’m sure you are aware, I have been working closely with the guys at The Game Creators trying to resolve an issue I have when compiling Android and iPhone apps with AGK Studio.

This week I was notified that there was another DevTest build of the Editor to try. As I have several projects on hold because of this (Including Flappy-vaders) I thought I could devote a few hours to testing to see if anything had changed for the better.

This is the biggest issue I have had while trying to resolve the IAP bug when repeatedly buying coin packs.

Sadly, the updates didn’t fix the problems I was having. Although compiling, uploading and testing new builds did take up a considerable amount of the time I had spare.

Social media leveraging

I must admit I have taken my eye off the ball with this over the last few weeks.

The biggest struggle I have had with this is that unlike a lot of the other social media posts I do for work, I cannot schedule these posts on groups.

Despite printing out a schedule for posting, and creating content in advance, I have utterly failed to stick with it.

As I think this is a significant area of marketing for indie devs with low budgets, I am going to revisit my plan and see if there is any way I can improve on it given it’s (or my) original failings.

I suspect trying to clear 15 to 30 minutes every other day for interacting as myself in the selected groups. And also ensuring that not only photos for sharing are available from my phone as well as my PCs (I usually do most non-work related social media stuff from my mobile)

I think if I use OneNote to store rough drafts of any posts I want to make, so I can just copy and paste when I am ready to share them. I should possible also schedule time to make these posts in my calendar.

AI Content Generation

I have carried on from the last post by planning and creating promotional videos, using AI this time.

Not necessarily for production, but certainly for inspiration. Creating these rough videos using AI was certainly quick and easy, I’ll give it that.

I’ve experimented with a few different platforms. Making use of the free options while I determine if these tools can fulfil my requirements.

All of the tools I tried so far used text inputs to generate the video, so it was never going to be Flappy-vaders specific. I was also unimpressed with some of the stock videos chosen for the videos.

For the prompt, I used the same couple of lines of text for all videos. “I would like to create a trailer for a forthcoming retro styled endless scroller game coming soon to mobile”

Below are my two favourite videos which were generated.

This was the one created with Invideo (

This is the other one I made using ( instead.

The one thing that did grab me about both these videos was the voice over. Firstly both sounded quite professional (compared to my voice, lol) and I quite liked some of the phrases used.

That’s all for now

That’s all I have time for this week. I’m being dragged clothes shopping shortly, so I am having to get this wrapped up in good time.

We also had some new arrivals since the last update. Bagheera, one of our newer cats, has given birth to half a dozen new little balls of fluff.

Pile of kittens

There are six of them all together, and they are all cute and doing well. They are around 2 weeks old in the photo.

I will be back in 2 weeks with another exciting(ish) Dev with Dave update.

Until then, good bye 👋

Game Progress Update #86

Game Progress Update #86

Hello world! And welcome to the eighty sixth Dev with Dave Game Progress Update.

I’ve had a very different couple of weeks this time round. Following on from the last update, I did have some fun this time round creating assets to use in promotion.

It’s been really hot the last couple of days. You can tell by the air that summer is finally here. I would have spent the week sat outside with the laptop, but I’ve not put the roof back on the Gazebo yet. (It tore whilst being cleaned and needs repair, I’ve got a patch for it but I’ve not had time)

I’m sadly no closer to finding a solution to my publishing dilemma. I have been working with the developers working on AGK Studio over at The Game Creators to find a solution, and hopefully won’t have too long to wait before I have a fix. Until I do however, I am unable to finalise a date to release the game. This is quite a large spanner in the works to be honest, and the quicker it’s resolved, the better.

Anyway, let me tell you about what I have got done this time round.

Recording footage

I first decided to record some over the shoulder style footage of me playing Flappy-vaders on my phone.

I have a camera tripod and a mount to attach a phone to it. So I thought I was fairly well prepared to do what I wanted.

However, it seems my office isn’t ideal for recording video footage. Firstly there is the constant whirring of the fans in my PC. There is also the gurgling of the cat drinking fountain, and the occasional song from Gary the budgie.

Me playing flappy-waders

A good going over with the vacuum probably wouldn’t have hurt either! 😅

On top of all these problems, I also had issues with knocking the tripod with my feet when it was too close. It would perhaps also be worthwhile to disable the automatic picture settings on the recording device.

Still, considering this was the first time I had tried anything like this, I am fairly happy.


The next thing I did was record some game play footage from the PC using OBS. This is intended to be used by itself, or perhaps combined with mock-ups from PlaceIt.

A sample of mockups available from

I also intend to record footage from other areas of the game. Such as the scratch cards, the UI, and the trophies list.

As well as video, I have been capturing stills to use for promotion and social media posts.

This footage is all intended to be used for adverts or social media posts.

On reflection, I would have liked to plan out a few screen shots in the same way I did for the footage for the promo trailer. Instead I just took screen grabs at random whilst playing the game.


I’ve spent so much time playing flappy-vaders this week, that I have found 2 new bugs. I owe the first of these discoveries to PlaceIt not knowing what size images some of their mock-ups need!

According to the website, I needed an image which was 3040 x 1040, where as I actually needed one 3040 x 1456 (or so, I still needed to adjust it slightly in the cropping stage, but it was a much better fit than was suggested by the Mock-up editor.

However, while running the game in the ridiculously wide screen view, I noticed that the score display does not appear to be anchored to the top left corner of the screen.

The second bug relates to the missiles and there laser guided path. I noticed that when a missile is destroyed by the smart bomb pickup, the sprite representing it’s laser path is not destroyed. Neither when the missile is, nor when the rest of the missile paths are destroyed.

Screen shot of Flappy-vaders mid game

I expect the best way to deal with this is to destroy the laser sprite at the same time as the missile itself. This would give a better indication to the player that the missile has been destroyed by the smart bomb.

Both have been reported on the Trello board and will be fixed at some point before release.

That’s all for now

I’m afraid that’s all I’ve had time for this update. The next update which would usually have been on the 5th of July will be late. It’s my birthday on the 4th of July, and I’m taking a well deserved couple of weeks off. (No excuses for not fixing the gazebo and working outside in the shade it provides)

The next Flappy-vaders game progress update won’t be on your feeds until the 19th July 2024.

By which time I should be back, well rested and eager to get on, and of course a year older than I am as I write this, lol.

See you next time

Game Progress Update #85

Game Progress Update #85

Hello World! And welcome to the eighty fifth Dev with Dave game progress update.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been a productive week. It was one of the children’s birthday, which was nice, but kept me away from the keyboard.

I also feel like I have been hyper-fixated on getting the email sequence written. I’ve spent practically all of my time this fortnight working on that.

I was hoping to get the bug in the IAP coin pack purchasing fixed, but I am still waiting for an update to the software I use to create the game to fix the current issue with uploading the next build.

Anyway let me tell you about what I have done since the last update.

Email Sequence

As I said above, I have been somewhat fixated on this. Possibly because I had been having difficulty finding the right words for them.

Thinking that it might make things easier if I could see what the emails look like, I opened up a new Brevo account specifically for this. They have a drag and drop visual editor for you to use. So you can see what the email looks like a lot better than you can in Word which I was previously using.

Email Stock photos by Vecteezy

I decided on using a free account for now, but I can upgrade it nearer release if I find my email list becomes too large for the free daily amount of emails it can send. The monthly charge is something like £6 (About $7.60 US) so it’s not a huge amount.

Unfortunately, as I don’t know when the game will be released, I am unable to set the second sequence. This is the one which starts sending mails a few weeks before the release date.

Social Media Leveraging

I’d actually been a bit lapse with this the last few weeks. Despite having a posting schedule, I had neglected posting much and had barely even been interacting.

I’m sure I have said before that I struggle with this aspect of the promotion, as I cannot schedule SM posts in other peoples groups. This means I need to make any posts manually, which I am less than brilliant at remembering to do.

To combat this, I first made sure that both the photos I had taken, and the notes I had made were accessible from my phone. For this I used Microsoft OneDrive for file sharing, and OneNote for note taking. I use both these bits of software regularly and I cannot rate them highly enough.

I have also realised that I could well do with spending some time just creating assets of the game. Things for sharing on social media, like game play footage, or screen shots. I do not feel I have created any where near enough of these just yet.

At least one of the groups I am using for this aspect of promotion uses #ScreenShotSaturday. So it would make sense to capitalise on this also.


As I said earlier in the post, the project is currently being held back by several factors.

The first, and probably most frustrating, is that I am waiting for the software I used to create the game to be updated. I have access to a test build of the software, as the current build is using an out of date Billing library. However the test build has an issue with the compilation process which means that my game does not work.

Because of this I am unable to upload the next build for testing. So I don’t know if I have fixed the IAP issue or not.

This is also affecting any plans I had for advertising. Although I have not yet managed to get all the copy ready, a lot of the promotion needs to know what date the game is released in order to maximise the effectiveness of the advertising.

That’s all for now

And that is all I have time for this time round. I have a feeling the next couple of weeks will be fun as I will try and create some new graphical and video assets for social media, as well as hopefully finishing off the copy for the email sequences.

I might be lucky and be able to upload and test the next build, assuming that the issue with AGK Studio are fixed in time.

Game Progress Update #84

Game Progress Update #84

Hello world! And welcome to the eighty fourth Dev with Dave Game Progress update!

I must admit to being a little tired of doing marketing stuff, planning emails (which I really need to get done), and creating even more social media content than usual.

So on top of everything else which needed doing, I wanted to get the bug with the currency purchasing fixed.

I also had some personal stuff going on this weekend, which kept me away from the computers and made this post a couple of days late, sadly.

But, lets not dwell on that, let me tell you about all the stuff I did manage to get done this update 🙂


Email sequence

The main focus again this update has been planning and executing promotional stuff. Predominantly the email sequence for when people sign up to the website after being directed there by adverts.

I think I have decided to use Breva (Previously Send In Blue) to send the emails with. I already use their service to send transactional emails from various websites.

I have also decided that it would be better to use two sequences. One which is initiated when the player signs up to the list. The other which starts a week or two before the game is released.

Social Media Leveraging

I’ve also been maintaining a presence on a small selection of FB groups which I am planning on leveraging to gain some free organic awareness of my game.

This has so far just been mostly liking and commenting on other peoples posts. I am planning a few posts which will keep within the niche of the group. I had planned on starting these posts sooner than this. As I said previously, a large part of me not doing so has to do with the fact that I cannot schedule a post to a group.

I will manage to sort this out though. I will probably end up writing all the posts and copy on OneNote (Which I can easily access from my phone) and then set up alarms on my phone’s calendar to tell me which post to share and into which group.

Bug fixing

I was hoping to spend Thursday afternoon working on fixing the bugs, but the forces which govern my life decided otherwise. Instead I managed to squeeze in a few hours of doing so on Friday afternoon (When I was supposed to be writing this blog!)

Because of changes made by Google to the way purchasing consumables works, I now need to reset the purchase every time it is successfully purchased. That is not happening now. Currently it lets you buy the pack (success), then the next attempted purchase fails, and it’s not until the 2nd attempt at this that it works.

//	void = BuyCoinPack(ui ref as tUI, player ref as tPlayer, coinPackID as integer)
//	This function will handle all the buying coins with IAP stuff.  I will need to
//	sort out the IAP on the Google Play page before I can do too much more with
//	this aspect of the game.

Function BuyCoinPack(player ref as tPlayer, coinPackAmounts ref as integer[], iapCoinPackID as integer)
	//	Local
	Local iapStatus as integer
	Local finished as integer
	Local token as string
	//	Do the IAP stuff to buy coin pack
	`	If IAP fails then just exit the function

	//	Starts the buying process

		iapStatus = GetInAppPurchaseAvailable2(iapCoinPackID)
		Select iapStatus
			//	Cancelled?  The IAP was cancelled by the user
			Case 0:
				//	Break out of loop
				finished = true
			//	IAP Queued
			Case 1:
				Print("IAP in progress..")
			//	IAP In progress
			Case 2:
				Print("IAP in progress..")
			//	IAP Pending
			Case 3:
				Print("IAP in progress..")
			//	IAP Completed
			Case 4:
				//	Award the IAP

				//	Add the relevant amount of coins to the player total
				Inc player.coinTotal, coinPackAmounts[iapCoinPackID - 1]
				//	Break out of loop
				finished = true
				//	Resets the purchase
				token = GetInAppPurchaseToken(iapCoinPackID)
	Until finished = true

	//	Moved to lower down the code,  This allows for an extra sync.  If this doesn't work, then I will put this in a repeat/until look
	`	which checks for the status of the iapCoinPackID


As the eagle eyed of you have probably noticed, I have moved the InAppPurchaseReset() command to after the sync() and out of the Repeat/Until loop.

If this does not work, then I will add another Repeat/Until loop which exits when the InAppPurchaseReset value has successfully been changed.

Sadly, I was unable to upload a new test build to the Google Play Store.

New Build Issues

I thought things were going quite well earlier. It wasn’t until I uploaded a new build of Flappy-vaders to the Google Play Store, and received the following error..

I am unsure if this is a recent change that Google has made, or if it’s an oversite with the current build of AGK Studio (It was updated recently).

>Edit<. I have been in contact with the AGK Studio developers and it’s an oversight with the last update of AGK Studio, it will be fixed in the next update. But until then, I cannot update the Flappy-vaders test version available to the play testers.

That’s all for now

It’s now Sunday afternoon, and I am sat inside with the laptop, finishing off this post. I’m hoping that the next update will go smoother than this one has.

I will be back in two weeks with the next progress update.

Until then.

Game Progress Update #83

Game Progress Update #83

Hello world, and welcome to the eighty third Dev with Dave game progress update.

It’s been a glorious few weeks here in the UK, which means that I’ve been able to go out at the weekends and make a start on sorting out the garden. It’s looking a little over grown after the rain, then glorious sunshine.

It also means it’s time to get a few new plants…

I’m not a huge fan of dragging round shops, especially when I could have been working on my game and getting ready to promote it, but what can you do?

We’ve also started buying things ready to redecorate the kitchen & watching tutorials on YouTube about laying vinyl flooring. The redecorating is long overdue if I’m being honest, but this has also kept (and will keep) me away from the PC.

Despite these extra drains on my time, I have managed to get some work done on the game.

Preparing the emails

Because I have been planning the email sequence in Word, I have been able to work on it on my phone. This has allowed me to squeeze in a couple of extra hours at least which would otherwise have been wasted.

I’ve changed my mind about the details I published last week about the email sequence.

Instead of the previous list, I have decided to use a more story based approach. Explaining things like my love of gaming from a young age, etc.

I’ve narrowed the choice of providers down to two, Brevo (previously SendInBlue) or Mail Chimp. I already use Brevo for the transactional emails for a few other websites I administer.

Both offer email marketing, as well as transactional emails, and support. Brevo doesn’t offer A/B testing on the lower tier packages, where as Mail Chimp does.

I will no doubt make a choice once I have confirmed to content of the emails, and am ready to start getting signups on the website.

Social Media Leveraging

I have continued to build a presence on the groups chosen for this. I am regularly interacting with posts, and liking and commenting on them.

I am very glad that this is only a small scale test of social media leveraging. I don’t feel I would have time to dedicate to a larger scale operation.

Despite having taken photos and planning several posts, I haven’t had chance to post them yet. A big part of this is because I am unable to schedule posts in other peoples groups through Facebook. I should ensure that the assets and copy are available from my phone so I can post with more ease.


I have also been spending a great deal of time reading and watching tutorials to try and hone my advertising and copywriting skills.

As I have said numerous times throughout this project, I am a programmer usually. I am more than a little out of my comfort zone doing jobs like marketing.

I do have some experience, but it is certainly not my area of expertise.

And that’s all for this week

I’m definitely starting to feel a little out of my depth having spent the last 4 weeks now working on nothing but marketing. I need to get back behind the keyboard and start coding again.

It doesn’t help that other work things have been leaning towards administration and web development rather than coding as well.

But that’s just how it goes sometimes.

I will be back as always next fortnight. With, if nothing else, photo’s of my freshly decorated kitchen! 😂

Until next time.

Game Progress Update #82

Game Progress Update #82

Hello World! And welcome to the eighty second Dev with Dave Game Progress Update.

It’s been a funny old couple of weeks. Things have been absolutely frantic here, trying to push out an update for one of my apps which is long overdue, but has been constantly delayed by one thing and another.

I thought the troubles were over when the newest version of AGK Studio was released, addressing an SDK version issue which had caused a warning on the last few builds. But sadly this was not the case.

It turned out my Mac Mini, With which I have had a love/hate relationship with, was outdated and no longer able to run the latest version of XCode. Which meant that if I wanted to continue to publish on the App store, I was going to have to reach into my wallet.

Since my HP Windows laptop was also quite old and in need of an upgrade, I decided to pay the extra and get a Macbook Air instead of another (but newer) Mac Mini.

Anyway, when I haven’t been playing with my new toy, I have been busy working on building an audience for Flappy-vaders.

Social media leveraging

I’ve just been doing more of the same as the previous few weeks. One of the groups I joined as part of this does do Screenshot Saturday. So I will try and make a post or two about that. It is unfortunate that I can’t schedule posts in other peoples groups.

I also took a few photo’s of some older games and hardware I own, relating to the main topic of the groups.

I’ve included the mug with the branding in all of the photo’s, and I might take a few more varied ones as well. But I won’t necessarily mention DwD or the game just yet.

Paid advertising

I’m going to look into using paid ads to get visitors to the Flappy-vaders website.

My marketing plan has been somewhat scuppered is has to be said, due to some unexpected financial misfortune I suffered a few months back. Because of this I have had to scale down what I had originally planned.

Originally I was hoping to do a comparison between Google and Facebook ads to drive traffic to the.

I’m currently reading up on both platforms, and trying to decide if it’s worth splitting what little prelaunch advertising budget I have, or if it would be better to concentrate it all on a single platform.

Email Sequence

Once an advert or Social Media link has sent a potential player to the landing page, and they sign up, they will automatically start on an automatic email sequence.

Each email in the sequence will have a specific purpose with it’s own call to action.

Here are the purposes of the emails.

  • Welcome aboard! We’ll award you some free coins for being an early supported.
  • Follow Flappy-vaders on Social media
  • Won’t be long now! A bit of the history of Flappy-vaders
  • Download it today + code for free coins

I have not yet decided on which provider to be handling the emailing. I’m looking for one which can easily integrate into the WordPress website to make automation simpler. I have used Mail Chimp and Send-In-Blue before, but I need to look at what they are currently offering.

New bugs

I’m happy to say that the testers have been awfully quiet this last couple of weeks. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, but at least there have been no more bugs which have been spotted.

I did however notice that the Flappy-vaders website does not have a privacy policy, which is obviously quite a serious oversight on my part.

I’m going to attempt to fix that next, once I have finished this post and shared it online.

And that’s all for now.

And that’s all I have had chance to do this time round.

Trying to reorganise my marketing plans around the reduced budget is proving to be a lot of work, with little to show for it. I will try and include a revised marketing plan with the next blog post. The next progress update goes live on the 10th of May.

See you in the next update. 🙂

Keeping your Audience safe

Keeping your Audience safe

There is nothing worse than spending months cultivating a relationship with your ideal game audience, only to have it taken away in seconds by hackers. This happened to a friend of mine the other day. The hacker spammed every discord server they were a member of. This caused the servers to ban my friends account. Fortunately, after regaining control of the account, they were able to explain to the Admins of the groups what had happen, and were unbanned from most if not all of the servers. Not all such stories have a happy ending however. Let me show you some effective ways of keeping your audience safe.

The best ways of keeping your audience safe online include using strong passwords and not sharing your password with people. Get to know which admin tools your chosen platforms use to help maintain your audience. Things like 2FA, Questions on joining, and moderation tools. It is also important to be careful about clicking links in emails and other messages.

Online Safety 101

It’s best to start from the basics. I know most of you will already be aware of most of these, but I am listing them for two reasons. Firstly, for the few out there who aren’t aware of these important safety tips. And secondly, because you can never be reminded too many times! 🙂

Being aware of the risks which are present while engaging in online activity, especially on social media, is a big step in keeping yourself safe. Knowing what to look out for is important.


Whenever you create a new social media account, always remember to use a unique and strong password for it. Regardless of how easy it is to just use one password for everything, from a remembering point of view. If you your password is compromised, then you risk hackers gaining access to everything you use that email/password combination.

A three panel comic about a man choosing an obvious password

My favourite is Strong Password Generator, which I have been using for a good few years. I keep a file of the generated passwords for safe keeping, as well using the Save Username and Passwords option in my browser.

A good strong password should be between 10 to 16 characters long, and consist of a random string of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and characters.

Do not share your passwords with anyone.

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication (Or TFA) is a system where you are asked for a second set of user verification data. This is usually a code which is sent via email or text message, or using a third party authenticator application like Facebook and Google do, or sometimes a specific hardware key like a USB stick or a Card/Pin card verifier.

I’m not sure if favourite is the right word to describe 2FA methods, but the one which feels like it balances security with ease of access is when the platform you are logging into texts a code to your mobile phone.

Two-factor Authentication – It’s a pain, but it really helps.

Admin tools for keeping your audience safe

Wherever you are trying to build your audience, there are usually some security methods you can put into place to help keep your audience safe, and to help weed out the undesirables who may try to infiltrate your audience.

As your audience grows, as does the risk of bots or spammers gaining access and using your platform to spread their message. This could expose your audience to links to malware or unrelated content. As well as tarnish you or your brands reputation.

If you are growing your audience as members on a WordPress site or Forum or something similar, then you can usually implement some form of Two Factor Authentication and email verification as well.

You can ensure new members to a Facebook Group answer a set of questions before being allowed to join. And Facebook has a reasonable suite of tools to allow you to block unwanted users and delete comments.

Some platforms offer Post moderation. Which is where users posts have to be cleared by an administrator. This allows you to keep an eye on what new members particularly are posting.

A set of community rules is an often overlooked but surprisingly useful tool. The rules should be clearly posted for all to read, and they should be enforced.


Possibly the single biggest risk to your passwords and social media accounts these days.

For those who don’t know, phishing is the practice of sending emails or messages which claim to be from an official or reputable company in order to extract information from a person which can be used to compromise the security of online accounts.

Sometimes these phishing emails are obviously fake. Littered with spelling mistakes, or using an older logo or that sort of thing. But occasionally, the quality is much better.

The best way I have found to check the validity of emails is to check any links included in the text.

On a phone (Both Android and Apple) long pressing on a link will open up a dialogue which shows you where the link goes.

On a PC, you can hover the mouse over a link. This will display the actual destination on screen.

If this is different to the where the button or link suggests this is a huge red flag.

If in doubt – DO NOT CLICK!

Other tips for keeping safe

More than one admin/moderator

It’s usually a good idea to find at least one other trusted person to be a moderator for your audience. Especially if you tend to fall foul of the rules, and end up serving 30 days in FB jail.

But be wary, a rogue moderator can be as damaging as a hacker or spammer.

A while back now, one of the groups I am a member of on Facebook had an admin have a bit of a break down. They went and deleted over half of the groups members before someone else on the admin team noticed.

Check your email address!

All the work you have put in keeping your audience safe could be in vain if the email address you are using has been already compromised by hackers. It’s always a good idea to check any email addresses associated with the project. You can do this for free at


Hopefully that covers just about everything. Creating an audience is a labour of love. To lose it in seconds thanks to a hacker does not bear thinking about.

I’ve covered all the main areas dealing with audience security

That is just about everything I can think of for now. It should give you a thorough grounding in how to keep your audience safe. If you have any further questions then feel free to get in touch.

Game Progress Update #81

Game Progress Update #81

Hello world! And welcome to the eighty first Dev with Dave Game Progress Update!

It hardly seems five minutes since I was writing the last one of these. I guess it’s true what they say about time flying when your having fun. 🙂

Carrying on from the last update, this update feels

That’s not to say there haven’t been the usual distractions. I had a dentist appointment this week, and a tooth taken out.😞 This left me feeling a bit meh (And a lot like I’d had a stroke) for the rest of the day and I just vegged in front of the TV instead of working on the game as I had planned.

Dave after having a tooth out.  I am not having a stroke, honest.

The next day I also took a day away from the PC to watch Amazon’s amazing new Fallout TV show. I am a huge fan of dystopia in general, but Fallout has a special place in my heart. The Show is very true to the look and feel of the game. If you haven’t already watched it, you should!

Anyway, let me tell you about what I have managed to get done this time round.

Social Media Leveraging

I think I’m currently on week 3 of the small scale social media leveraging plan for promoting Flappy-vaders organically on social media.

So far I have just been interacting with other peoples posts. Things like liking and commenting on posts. The first of my posts are planned for next week.

Email list capturing

With thoughts turning towards starting to getting prospective players emails onto the list. It was time I had a refresher on using Facebook ads to direct people to the website. I downloaded a copy of the Meta traffic playbook. This is a step-by-step guide for when you create a new traffic campaign in Ads Manager

It’s more than likely I will probably use the same promotional video that I have used previously for these ads, as well as a few carefully chosen words of copy.

I have also given some thought to the email sequence which will be run once a user signs up.

Once a user signs up, a welcome aboard email is sent out. This will provide a brief rundown over what will happen over the next few months. Also mention free coin pack.

Once I have a content plan in place for the Flappy-vaders Facebook page, I will send out another email asking people to follow us on Facebook.

It’s been a while since I created an HTML email, but I am hoping that emails sent by this sequence will have the same appearence and style as the Flappy-vaders website.

I still need to decide which provider I will use for sending out the email sequences.

Security Blog

I’ve not forgotten about the blog I promised a while back about keeping your audience safe. I am trying to get it finished, but every time I think I have a few minutes to work on it, something unexpected pops up.

I just wanted to reassure anyone who might be waiting for it! Thank you for your patience.

As soon as it’s finished I will share a link to it on social media.

In App Purchase Bug

I also had a quick look at the in app purchase code. If you remember, I noticed a pretty serious bug with the purchasing of coin packs the other week.

I was hoping it was something obvious, but sadly I couldn’t see anything.

I have a few ideas however as to how to approach this, and I will be uploading some new test builds over the next few weeks to try and address this.

That’s all for now.

It’s officially late. In an ideal world, I get the Progress update finished and shared on social media by 4:30pm on Friday afternoon. It’s currently 10pm on Friday Evening, and I still have to finish the blog, let alone write the social media posts for it.

I was hoping to be playing with Fortnite on the PlayStation with my buddy by this time. Oh well, lol.

I will be back as always in two weeks with the next thrilling instalment of the Flappy-vaders Game Progress Update!

See you all then 🙂