Game Progress Update #82

Game Progress Update #82

Hello World! And welcome to the eighty second Dev with Dave Game Progress Update.

It’s been a funny old couple of weeks. Things have been absolutely frantic here, trying to push out an update for one of my apps which is long overdue, but has been constantly delayed by one thing and another.

I thought the troubles were over when the newest version of AGK Studio was released, addressing an SDK version issue which had caused a warning on the last few builds. But sadly this was not the case.

It turned out my Mac Mini, With which I have had a love/hate relationship with, was outdated and no longer able to run the latest version of XCode. Which meant that if I wanted to continue to publish on the App store, I was going to have to reach into my wallet.

Since my HP Windows laptop was also quite old and in need of an upgrade, I decided to pay the extra and get a Macbook Air instead of another (but newer) Mac Mini.

Anyway, when I haven’t been playing with my new toy, I have been busy working on building an audience for Flappy-vaders.

Social media leveraging

I’ve just been doing more of the same as the previous few weeks. One of the groups I joined as part of this does do Screenshot Saturday. So I will try and make a post or two about that. It is unfortunate that I can’t schedule posts in other peoples groups.

I also took a few photo’s of some older games and hardware I own, relating to the main topic of the groups.

I’ve included the mug with the branding in all of the photo’s, and I might take a few more varied ones as well. But I won’t necessarily mention DwD or the game just yet.

Paid advertising

I’m going to look into using paid ads to get visitors to the Flappy-vaders website.

My marketing plan has been somewhat scuppered is has to be said, due to some unexpected financial misfortune I suffered a few months back. Because of this I have had to scale down what I had originally planned.

Originally I was hoping to do a comparison between Google and Facebook ads to drive traffic to the.

I’m currently reading up on both platforms, and trying to decide if it’s worth splitting what little prelaunch advertising budget I have, or if it would be better to concentrate it all on a single platform.

Email Sequence

Once an advert or Social Media link has sent a potential player to the landing page, and they sign up, they will automatically start on an automatic email sequence.

Each email in the sequence will have a specific purpose with it’s own call to action.

Here are the purposes of the emails.

  • Welcome aboard! We’ll award you some free coins for being an early supported.
  • Follow Flappy-vaders on Social media
  • Won’t be long now! A bit of the history of Flappy-vaders
  • Download it today + code for free coins

I have not yet decided on which provider to be handling the emailing. I’m looking for one which can easily integrate into the WordPress website to make automation simpler. I have used Mail Chimp and Send-In-Blue before, but I need to look at what they are currently offering.

New bugs

I’m happy to say that the testers have been awfully quiet this last couple of weeks. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, but at least there have been no more bugs which have been spotted.

I did however notice that the Flappy-vaders website does not have a privacy policy, which is obviously quite a serious oversight on my part.

I’m going to attempt to fix that next, once I have finished this post and shared it online.

And that’s all for now.

And that’s all I have had chance to do this time round.

Trying to reorganise my marketing plans around the reduced budget is proving to be a lot of work, with little to show for it. I will try and include a revised marketing plan with the next blog post. The next progress update goes live on the 10th of May.

See you in the next update. 🙂