Game Progress Update #44

Game Progress Update #44

Hello world, welcome to the forty fourth Dev with Dave Game Progress Update!

I’m really sorry about the last update being cancelled. It really has been a roller coaster of a time here and that has obviously affected how much time I have to spend on this project.

As a result not only has the Dev with Dave social media been awfully quiet the last few weeks, but I’ve once again not had much time to spend on writing the game.

Worst of all, I got more than a little side tracked at the beginning of the week when it came to recording the video above.

The Dark Mode Conundrum

Now, those of you who read the last update will know that I upgraded my PC with a new SSD and RAM, but I had to install a clean version of Windows as backing up and restoring was proving to be an issue.

Because of this, I had to reinstall Hitfilm Express, which is the free video editing software I use for doing post production with on the clips from flappy-vaders you see here.

Unfortunately (for me at least) the new version no longer has the option to switch between dark and light UI modes. I find dark mode to be really difficult to read, so I immediately fell down the google hole trying to find out how to change Hitfilm to Light mode.

Looking back, I can’t believe how much time I wasted trying to sort this problem out.

A few new bugs

Just watching the video above I managed to find at least two new bugs 😲

Firstly, the system I wrote to make sure that none of the daily missions is of the same type as the other two doesn’t seem to work. This is unfortunate, but I think it’s because I only compare Mission 1 with mission two, and mission two with mission 3.

Secondly that there is definitely something screwy going on with the targeting lasers on the missiles. As well as there being a transparency issue but the lasers sometimes seem to appear where they aren’t supposed to be. They are possibly legacy positions from previous uses of the laser sprite which haven’t been reset properly.

I’ve made a note of both these things on the Trello board, which is public so you can check it out for yourself. And will try and get the changes made to the bug board on the Dev with Dave website tomorrow.

That’s all for now

That’s all for this update I’m afraid. I’ll (try and) be back next fortnight with another update.

See you then 🙂