Game Progress Update #51

Game Progress Update #51

Hello World! And welcome to the fifty first Dev with Dave Game Progress Update!

Winter is most definitely here now as December has arrived, and for the first time this year the car bleeped at me to say it was less than 4° outside. As my sister said the other day, its two jumpers weather outside, lol.

Its been a fairly busy time here what with one thing and another. One of the children and their family were moving house and as I have a large car, I was volunteered to help.

As always though, I have managed to find a few hours to get some work done to Flappy-vaders.

Let me tell you what I have done.


Trophies were the last thing still to be started on the Trello. And since I needed to get trophies working in order to finish off the Unread Notifications card, I thought It was a good place to begin for the week.

Screen shot of the Flappy-vaders trello showing all the cards are finally started.

Now, the GDD was more than a little vague about what the trophies actually are. It describes the process of awarding a trophy and getting the reward, but just says the list of trophies will be determined later. (Super helpful, thanks a lot me.)

I started off by sitting down with a nice hot cup of tea and my trusty pad and pen. It didn’t take me too long to decide on what the ten trophies were*

For some of the trophies, I decided to simply use existing mechanisms that the player is already familiar with because of the daily missions. But for others I’m going to have to create new code to do.

Here is the current list of trophies for those who are interested..

  • Travel ‘x’ distance 1
  • Travel ‘x’ distance 2
  • Collect ‘x’ coins 1
  • Collect ‘x’ coins 2
  • Play ‘x’ games 1
  • Play ‘x’ games 2
  • Watch credits to the end
  • Unlock all upgrades
  • Unlock all pickups
  • Come back to life

Not all of these trophies will be visible. I’m thinking the credits and the come back to life trophies will have the descriptions hidden.

* I say decided, I am tempted to remove one of the “unlock all” trophies and replace it with something different; but I have a list of ten trophies to work with.

Trophies Script

I created a script for the trophies, then used comment first coding to sketch out all the variables and functrions I would need.

Once I had a basic framework laid out, I started to code the functions. I created functions to setup the trophy names and descriptions, and to load and save any progress made.

I also made a function to set the UI text for the trophy names and descriptions. This code will ultimately also change the image on the trophy panel. To help write this bit, I also (rather hastily) whipped up a locked padlock icon to use.

The next job was to set about implementing winning a trophy. I gave some temporary values to a couple of the trophies so they could be won quickly and easily.

The first trophy i attempted was the distance one. I was initially having problems getting a value for the distance travelled, but soon resolved it. I need to check if the result matches the distance for the daily missions as well.

The trophies relating to coins were the next ones I wrote. This was mostly a simple case of copy and pasting the code which handled the previous trophies.

Lastly I added code to play the same fanfare effect from the daily missions, and to set an unread notification for the trophy in the UI.

An image showing two trophies which have been completed and have unread notifications showing.

At this point I had four out of the ten trophies working properly. I found a problem where I had accidentally used > rather than >= which threw off awarding a trophy or two. But that was easily fixed 🙂

Out of time

And that was pretty much all I have managed to achieve for this update. No matter what card I pick off the Trello they all seem dependent on another unfinished card.

I’m hoping I can get the remaining trophies done and get that card checked off by the next update. That will also mean I can finish the unread notification card as well. The daily prize scratch cards still need finishing. But after that I think all that’s left to do is the In App Purchase stuff.

I’ll be back with one last update on Friday the 16th. It’s update #52, which marks 2 whole years of working on Flappy-vaders and creating these fortnightly updates so expect something special. 🙂 Then I’ll be taking a few weeks off to spend Christmas with my family.

Catch you all later

Dave 🙂