Game Progress Update #83

Game Progress Update #83

Hello world, and welcome to the eighty third Dev with Dave game progress update.

It’s been a glorious few weeks here in the UK, which means that I’ve been able to go out at the weekends and make a start on sorting out the garden. It’s looking a little over grown after the rain, then glorious sunshine.

It also means it’s time to get a few new plants…

I’m not a huge fan of dragging round shops, especially when I could have been working on my game and getting ready to promote it, but what can you do?

We’ve also started buying things ready to redecorate the kitchen & watching tutorials on YouTube about laying vinyl flooring. The redecorating is long overdue if I’m being honest, but this has also kept (and will keep) me away from the PC.

Despite these extra drains on my time, I have managed to get some work done on the game.

Preparing the emails

Because I have been planning the email sequence in Word, I have been able to work on it on my phone. This has allowed me to squeeze in a couple of extra hours at least which would otherwise have been wasted.

I’ve changed my mind about the details I published last week about the email sequence.

Instead of the previous list, I have decided to use a more story based approach. Explaining things like my love of gaming from a young age, etc.

I’ve narrowed the choice of providers down to two, Brevo (previously SendInBlue) or Mail Chimp. I already use Brevo for the transactional emails for a few other websites I administer.

Both offer email marketing, as well as transactional emails, and support. Brevo doesn’t offer A/B testing on the lower tier packages, where as Mail Chimp does.

I will no doubt make a choice once I have confirmed to content of the emails, and am ready to start getting signups on the website.

Social Media Leveraging

I have continued to build a presence on the groups chosen for this. I am regularly interacting with posts, and liking and commenting on them.

I am very glad that this is only a small scale test of social media leveraging. I don’t feel I would have time to dedicate to a larger scale operation.

Despite having taken photos and planning several posts, I haven’t had chance to post them yet. A big part of this is because I am unable to schedule posts in other peoples groups through Facebook. I should ensure that the assets and copy are available from my phone so I can post with more ease.


I have also been spending a great deal of time reading and watching tutorials to try and hone my advertising and copywriting skills.

As I have said numerous times throughout this project, I am a programmer usually. I am more than a little out of my comfort zone doing jobs like marketing.

I do have some experience, but it is certainly not my area of expertise.

And that’s all for this week

I’m definitely starting to feel a little out of my depth having spent the last 4 weeks now working on nothing but marketing. I need to get back behind the keyboard and start coding again.

It doesn’t help that other work things have been leaning towards administration and web development rather than coding as well.

But that’s just how it goes sometimes.

I will be back as always next fortnight. With, if nothing else, photo’s of my freshly decorated kitchen! 😂

Until next time.