Game Progress Update #43

Game Progress Update #43

Hello world! And welcome to the forty third Dev with Dave Game Progress Update!

This updates disaster (as it seems I have a new one every time I write this blog) involved Kirk, my PC which took much longer to upgrade than I thought it would. This did eat quite drastically into the time I had free for writing Flappy-vaders.

Regardless of this I have got a fair chunk of coding done for the game. Carrying on from update 42, I have been mostly working on the daily missions.

Keep reading to find out more 🙂

PC Upgrades

I decided to spend my weekend off the other week upgrading my main PC. I had purchased a new SSD, 8Gb of extra ram from Crucial, and a fancy back lit gaming keyboard.

Photo showing parts for the upgrade.  An SSD, A stick of RAM and a mounting kit.

Fitting the parts wasn’t too challenging. The Ram and keyboard were a breeze to fit, but the SSD data and Power wires were a bit of a squeeze as my case around 15 years old and wasn’t designed with such a huge graphics card as the one I have, in mind.

The problems started when I tried to clone my existing copy of windows onto the new drive. No matter how hard I tried, I just could not get the PC to boot from the cloned copy of Windows.

Now bearing in mind this is the computer I use for work most days, so I can’t really afford to have it out of action for long. But It didn’t take long before I had used all the time allocated for the job with no success at all. 😞

In the end however (after wasting another couple of days) I decided to just give the PC a fresh install of Windows, even if it did mean having to waste even more time reinstalling all the apps as well.

Daily Missions

The first thing I did when I managed to get AGK Studio open on the laptop, was add code to add a little bit of polish to the daily missions pages in the UI.

This involved greying out missions when they were completed, and hiding the coin icon when the mission is set to done.

When I tested the new additions, I noticed that the daily missions done and progress values weren’t being reset when the missions refreshed.

This was fixed by adding a couple of lines of code to reset the two variables in the RefreshDailyMissions() function.

The last thing I did towards the daily missions was adding functionality to some more of the daily mission types.

The “Play n games” mission was done by adding a line of code to increase the progress . Everything else was handled by code written previously.

I also added functionality to the “Collect n coins” mission. Again all this needed was a simple line of code. This time in the function which checked player collisions, when colliding with a coin.

Uploaded new test build!

The last thing I have to say is that I have uploaded the third test build of Flappy-vaders to Google Play for testing.

I’m preparing to send out the initial email to the testers with the link so they can enroll in the test and download the latest version of the game. So if you have told me you want to be a tester then keep an eye on your inboxes.

And thats all for now

I’ll be back as always in two weeks with another update. Hopefully it will involve lots of improvements to the game, and slightly fewer general life disasters for me, lol.

Thank you as always for following the project.

Until next time

Dave 🙂