Game Progress Update #38

Game Progress Update #38

Hello world! And welcome to the thirty eighth Dev with Dave Game Progress Update!

It feels like its been a good couple of weeks this last fortnight. I’ve managed to spend a reasonable number of hours coding the game, although I think the social media side of things has suffered a little.

Daily Missions

By far the most work I have done this update has been on the Daily Missions. This has been mostly planning and fleshing out the Daily Missions script with functions.

The basic plan is to have an array which stores the Daily Mission data as a type. This will contain the type of mission it is, the target value, the reward, etc.

I have also planned and started writing functions to handle loading and saving, updating the UI display and achieving missions, adding an unread notification, and collecting the rewards.

Above is a shot of me developing the Daily Mission Panel. The grey square will be an icon to reflect the mission type. I also need to put in a coin icon and a prize reward value, as well as a button to collect the prize when the mission has been completed.

I would also like to put in a divider (either above or below the three daily mission panels) which shows the date/time that the missions will reset.

Social Media

As I said above, what with me spending almost all my time this update working on the Daily missions stuff, I think the social media side of things has suffered a little.

I seem to be really busy with my day job, and not having as much spare time to work on Flappy-vaders as I would like. I’m sure however I will find some kind of balance again.

That’s all for now

And that’s the end of this update. I’ll be back in another two weeks with another. I’ll hopefully have the Daily missions working next time, and have the first test build pushed to Google Play for you guys to test.

Dave 🙂

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