Welcome to Dev with Dave

Hello World!

Hello World, and Welcome to Dev with Dave!

If you are an aspiring indie developer, then stick around as over the next few months, I will be planning, programming, publishing, and promoting a game before your very eyes! I’ll explain each step of the way in depth with blogs, videos and posts on social media.

I’ll also talk about the frustrations of the project, and the high points. And I’ll occasionally throw in cute pictures of my cats just to lighten the mood 🙂

Dave and Sirius enjoying the sunshine

Starting with designing and planning the game, I’ll talk about (amongst other things) the importance of having a plan to follow as well as showing you what I consider to be a good plan.

Programming the game is next, but as I have said previously, this won’t be a coding tutorial. I’ll discuss the theory behind the various aspects of the game, and show progress on the game with blog updates and video posts.

Once the game is finished, it’ll be time for publishing and promotion. I will be setting up the store page and uploading the game (Including a brief rundown on ASO, translations etc.). Setting up and starting an ad campaign with Google Ads, and talking about social media marketing and other things you can do to bring your game to the attention of those who want to play it!

So please, come along for the ride and we’ll take a journey into the world of indie game development.

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