GDD Update #2

Click the above button to view the revised GDD for Flappy vaders.

The bulk of these updates relate to an overhaul of the upgrades/powerups system. The previous plan was deemed overly complicated, so it’s been simplified a little.

The plan for using rewarded adverts is also included in this revision.

For those interested, the modified/addition sections are as follows.

3.6 Powerups/Upgrades

Power ups are split into two categories. Pickups, which are collected during the game, and Boosts, which are single use powerups which are purchased before the game.

3.6.1 Pickups

These power ups are activated by the player collecting an icon during game play.  The icons float across the screen using a sin wave pattern.  They require unlocking from the upgrade store before they will appear in game.

The shield power up encloses the player in a protective bubble, preventing the player from crashing into other sprites.  The top and bottom limits are enforced to stop the player passing through them, but the ship will not be destroyed while the shield is active.  The duration of this powerup is affected by how many times it’s been upgraded.

The magnet draws coins towards the players ship to make collecting coins easier.  The higher the upgrade level, the larger the range of the magnet.

Smart Bombs:
The smart-bomb pickup will destroy all the enemy sprites (missiles, meteors etc.) but will not destroy buildings.  The range and effectiveness of the bomb is determined by how upgraded it is.

Score Multiplier:
Increases the base score rate.  Needs to be unlocked first with an initial purchase, and case be upgraded a further 4 times to increase the value.  Starts at 2x score, 4x score, 6x score, 8x score, and finally 10x score.

3.6.2 Boosts

Boosts are Single use abilities which are purchased before the game starts and are only active for the next game.  They also need to be unlocked in the store and can be upgraded a further 4 times to increase their power.

Head start:
Whooshes the player at massively increased speed through the first couple of zones.  Upgrade increases the distance travelled.

The self-destruct causes the ship to detonate and progress a little extra distance.  The size of power of the explosion is determined by the number of times it’s been upgraded.

Missile Jammer:
Stops some of the missiles from attacking.  Needs an initial purchase to unlock, and then can be upgraded a further 4 times.  The number of missiles blocked increases with the upgrades.

Once fully upgraded it will block all missiles from appearing that game.

Second Chance:

Once purchased gives the player a chance to continue the game once they have crashed.  It starts with a 1 in 5 chance of re-spawn and increases to 100% chance when fully upgraded.

3.7 Daily Bonus

To encourage player retention the game should include a daily bonus system.  The more days played consecutively, the larger the reward. 

Rewards can be either in game currency or powerups.

Powerup rewards cost in the store determines there value here.

The actual type/style of the daily bonus will be determined later.

I would like to use rewarded adverts to allow for an extra re-spin or double the prize or something similar?

4.7 Adverts

Flappy Vaders will use a full screen interstitial advert which will be displayed at the end of a game, between the game over/summary and the return to the main menu.

Rewarded adverts are also used to allow the player to earn a few free coins from the coin purchasing screen, as well as increasing the reward from the Daily Win thing.

4.8 Options Screen

The options screen contains whatever options are available to the player.  This includes things like music and sound effect volume etc.  It will also contain buttons to open the help and about texts, as well as a button to return to the main menu.

4.9 About Screen

Shows the game credits and shout outs in a auto scrolling text scroller, similar to TV credits.  This needs to include all the Dev with Dave links.