Game Progress Update #12

Update #12

Hello world! Welcome to the twelfth Dev with Dave Game Progress Update. At the end of the last video I said I was going to be working on getting the power ups functional, this needed a little extra work to be done on the UI to allow unlocking the rest of the power ups, as well as purchasing the single use items pre-game. So this update is mostly about changes and additions I’ve made to the UI store pages.

Main menu

I’ve reconsidered the layout of the main menu page, as part of the rethink on how the powerups are going to work.

I have changed the icons in the square buttons, and added an extra two buttons at the bottom for the Settings and About pages.

Upgrades page

I’ve added a section at the bottom of the page to enable the player to unlock and upgrade the boosts, which are single use power ups to use in the next game.

These will work in the same way as the previous items in the upgrades page.

Boosts page

The player can buy the boosts from the next store page. I’ve only created the layout for this page so far, and none of the buttons do anything yet.

The grey box on the right displays how many of the powerup you have.

I’ve not decided as yet how to show that the items on this page haven’t been unlocked, but I imagine it would be something like removing the price/coin icon, or maybe greying out the entire button.


The next page is the coins page where players can earn coins by watching a rewarded advert, buy coin bundles for real world money, or pay to have the full screen adverts removed between games.

Again nothing in this section is functional yet, and I’m using the grey rectangle as a place holder. Each button in this section will ideally have it’s own icon to replace the grey square.


The next page is the trophies page. This page will show which trophies the player has already unlocked, and which trophies still need completing.

Next time

I’m now quite happy that I have enough of the UI done to allow me to write the remaining systems to handle the powerups and boosts. I’ll revisit the UI at a later date and do some more work there.

My goal for the next update is to have all of the powerups and boosts working. I’ve already got one done, which leaves seven to go.

And that’s all for this update, I’ll see you in another two weeks with the next one!