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In order to maintain a happy friendly and above all safe community here, there are some rules which everyone needs to follow.

1)  Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.  Neither will the posting of anything illegal.

2)  Be Polite.  Unnecessary swearing will result it a warning, then a ban.  Repeat offenders will be banned indefinitely.

2) This is an English forum, so please use English.  If English isn't your first language, it's ok to post a question in your native language if accompanied by a Google Translation to English.

3) Please do not spam the forum with adverts for stuff.  You will first be warned, then banned for a month.  Repeat offenders will be banned indefinitely.

4) If you have a question to ask, then please search before posting.  This helps reduce the amount of duplicate content on the forum.

5) If you have an issue with another member of the forum, then please email with details and we will deal with it privately.

6) Admins word is final.  

Thank you

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